Whether you are looking for temporary storage or long-term storage for just a few items or a whole household or business, the Moveage Group has got a solution for you. We have multiple storage options available for you in our newly built, security monitored, extremely clean and very well ventilated concrete, tilt-slab warehouse.

Depending on your needs we will store your goods in one of the following: our wooden storage boxes, our metal storage modules, in a container or on pallet racking. You can either secure a separate space just for your own goods or share space with others to save money. We will discuss the options with you and find the best solution for your needs!

You can either come and deliver your goods yourself directly into our storage facility or use our professional removalist team to do the job for you.

Access to your goods can be provided with 24 hour notice any day of the week once they are securely stored at our warehouse.

Secure your storage space and give us a call today!

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